Our Services

As a result of our deep experience in developing a marketing communication and brand strategy across diverse industry, we have consolidated our service offerings to include marketing consulting, leveraging our extensive network across different market segments - FMCG, Financial Services, Oil and Gas etc Networking and Brand development is the fulcrum of our marketing communicaton services

For businesses to thrive, networking platforms have to be developed for different industry sectors, Our deep experience in organizing industry specific events is truly an asset, we have been part of the growth structure of some of Africa's trade exhibitions and networking events over the past 10 years. Our flagship events TECH UNITE AFRICA, AGRIMEX, EXPORT MASTERCLASS etc, have contributed immensely in the development of trade in Africa,

With a visionary insight and a clear understanding of the paradigm shift from traditional to digital media, we have positioned our selves to provide digital media products to our different clients. Statistics show that all media productions and communications will be 100% digital in the next few years.

Our Information Technology services include Cyber Security Analysis, Penetration Testing, Intrusion Detection and Prevention. We keep your systems safe from hackers and online aggression.
Our team of developers and partners will build your web and mobile applications to take your business across the world on both deskstop and handheld devices, this also includes

We also provide Market Entry Support Services, in other words, we can work with companies and Individuals with products or services for export and ensure that their products/services reach the final distributive value chain. With our client base across the globe, we are consisently striving to ensure that we supply the highest quality of products/services to our clients. etc

As a result of the wealth of knowledge gathered over a significantly long period of interaction and investments in export trade, we put our experience to good use by organizing export training classes for individulas and organizations interested in export business start-up.To be a part of any of our classes, kindly contact us for details