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According to Global Economic Prospects, the World Bank’s biannual report on global economic trends: Sub-Saharan Africa is enjoying good economic prospects. The report notes that Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP) jumped 4.7 percent in 2010, a trend that is expected to hold steady.

Several factors contributed to this growth. First, there was strong demand for raw materials, in particular, metals, minerals, oil and agricultural produce owing to the economic recovery seen across the globe and Africa is the major supplier of the world’s raw materials in all the main sectors of global economy.

At HCI COMMUNICATIONS LTD, we are poised to maximize the advantages of the fast growing African economy, coupled with the ever increasing quotient of the population demography with purchasing power.

The investment that we make in research and development is vital to the success of our company,we have whittled and honed our operational knowledge,we have adopted world-class business practices and some of our forte includes.

Delivering new products to new markets.
We are committed to taking a lead role in the introduction of local West African Products to foreign markets, through our export consultancy services and training plaforms

Sustainable partnership extends beyond HCI COMMUNICATIONS LTD to include our relationships with governments, customers, communities and suppliers. We partner with like-minded organizations, to ensure we turn our client’s aspiration into tangible results. We believe in partnerships.

We are particularly proud of how we have turned our thinking and ambition to be a force for good into tangible business opportunities. We will continue to focus on a comprehensive agenda to build a sustainable business.

The future
We have set ourselves some very challenging targets but given the commitment of our people and the spirit of innovation that is evident throughout the company, I am confident that the next few years will see us emerging as the new face of leadership in the core areas of our businesses.